Nakasawa Resources, founded in 2001, is a global company, leader in upstream technology for the development of oil and gas production.

Since its foundation, Nakasawa has been guided by one fundamental principle; efficiency. The company addresses the needs of enhanced oil recovery (EOR), through the design, development, and manufacture of innovative technologies that help achieve and recover more oil, providing the right combination of products, services, and expertise to manage design and engineering projects for steam injection and water treatment applications.

Nakasawa has a team of top-level professionals, experts in multidisciplinary engineering, design of steam generation equipment, artificial lift system, implementation/monitoring of improved oil, recovery projects, field operation, and development of thermal projects.

This is supported by major manufacturing operations in the United States, Canada, and China, which allows for the successful management of large-scale projects from design to completion and maintenance. Besides, the company is also recognized for its continued work in several Latin American countries, including Venezuela and Colombia.


Nakasawa has made significant investments to ensure that each division has its own experts, teams, leaders, and quality control supervisors. As a result, the company prides itself on its ability to extend its learning and apply it to any of its divisions.

Nakasawa has participated in the construction of 63 steam generation units.

Currently, there are 4 equipment of 95% quality with SMH technology installed in China.

Equipment have not presented any kind of problem and clients have been guaranteed 95% of quality, improving the injection times, less maintenance.

No effluents are created, no extra solids compared to conventional technologies, no incrustations or others are formed.